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Similar Company Search
Similar Company Search

Use Grata Search to find companies that are similar to a known company

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In addition to using keywords as a starting point for your search, you are also able to start by inputting a company you are interested in. The platform will provide you with a list of companies that are similar to your company of interest.

Find similar companies using...

How Grata groups companies...

Company Search

In  order to run a Similar Company Search, enter the company name into the search bar and select the company from the suggested list.

Your results will include the profile for the original company, as well as a list of companies that are similar to that company. From there, you can filter on other criteria to refine your search further.

Similarities Indicators

For each similar company you will notice that they have a section at the bottom labeled Similarities. These indicate the similarities between the company you are looking at and the one you are running a search on.

It is based on similarities found between Business Model, Sector, Employee Count, Ownership, and Location. It currently does not include the keyword similarities which also factors into the similar search.

Company Profile

Another way to find companies similar to an existing company is by clicking on the Find Similar Companies icon next to a company's name within the tile.

Chrome Extension

Lastly, you can find a list of similar companies through the Chrome Extension.

Select View in Grata to open this search in Grata. Your search results will automatically include the full list of similar companies, including their similarities.

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